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Swan-K1 Trio 640

Swan-K1 Trio 640

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Swan K1 Trio 640 is equipped with HEQ G640 3-in-1 gimbal camera. This advanced integration of thermal imaging, visible light camera, and long-range laser rangefinder sets the stage for remarkable capabilities.

In various complex scenarios and lighting conditions, the Swan K1 Trio 640 shines brightly. Through its visible light camera, you can capture sharp images that restore the true colors of your targets in real-time. Additionally, the thermal imaging function excels in low-light environments, capturing details imperceptible to the naked eye, and providing you with comprehensive visual insights.

The long-range laser rangefinder module bestows the camera with advanced functionalities like target coordinate calculation and tracking, enhancing its performance in positioning and surveillance tasks. Despite its mere 220g weight, the G640 gimbal camera excels further without compromising overall performance, addressing multifaceted challenges across industries such as public safety, firefighting, power line inspections, military reconnaissance, and outdoor searches.

Equipped with features such as video recording, photography, digital zoom, gimbal stabilization control, and target coordinate calculation and tracking, the G640 gimbal camera exhibits versatility. Its modular quick-detach design allows users to assemble the system in just three minutes, seamlessly unlocking new frontiers in drone-based exploration.

Packing List:

1 x  Swan-K1 TRIO 640 aircraft,

1 x G640 Triple-Sensor gimbal camera,

2 x set of quick detachable nylon propellers ,

1 x radio controller(15km image transmission ),

1 x Carry case,

2 x 5500mAh 15.2V Lipo Battery,

1 x Power charger

1 x Aircraft User Manual and Disclaimer

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