Order FAQ

Order FAQ

  • 下单后什么时间发货?

When is the delivery time after placing the order?

订单将在工作日72小时内发货。 如果您在周六、周日或节假日下订单,订单将在下一个工作日发货。

Orders will be shipped within 72 hours of working days.If you place an order on Saturday, Sunday or holiday, the order will be shipped on the next working day.

  • 运输需要多长时间?

How long does it take to transport?


UPS or DHL usually takes 5-7 days, and the transportation time in special areas is to be determined.


Returns and refunds


You can send an email to Support@hequavtech.com with the order number and the reason for return after 7 natural days after receipt of the goods, the outer packaging is not damaged, the product is not used, and attach the reason for the return.


Do you ship internationally?


Yes, we ship drones to all countries except India, Vietnam, Qatar, Myanmar, Russia and Israel. Pure battery cannot be shipped to New Zealand, Qatar, Chile, Indonesia, Maldive, Singapore, the Philippines and Martinique.


Will I have to pay for International taxes and duties?

我们在 HEQ 商店中列出的产品价格是包括进口税/关税(北美和欧洲地区的地址)。其他地区暂时除外,当你不能正常下单时,请咨询在线客服。

The product prices we list on the HEQ store are inclusive of import taxes/duties (for North American and European addresses). Other regions are temporarily excluded. When you cannot place an order normally,  please consult online customer service.


Why did my payment fail?

付款失败可能是由您的信用卡或付款帐户的设置引起的,例如您的付款限额和可用信用。 请先验证此信息。 同时,为了确保您的支付安全,银行和支付平台还有其他保护机制。 被本风控系统评为高风险的交易将被自动屏蔽。 如果您使用信用卡付款,请联系您的发卡行,看看他们是否认为交易可疑并阻止其进行。 如果您无法解决您的付款问题,请通过 Sales@hequavtech.com 联系我们寻求帮助。

Payment failure could be caused by the settings of your credit card or payment account, such as your payment limit and available credit. Please verify this information first. Meanwhile, to ensure your payment safety, the banks and the payment platforms have other protection mechanisms. Transactions rated as high risk by this risk control system will be blocked automatically. If you are paying by credit card, please contact your issuing bank to see if they have deemed the transaction suspicious and blocked it from going through. If you can not solve your payment problem, please contact us via  Sales@hequavtech.com for help.