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Swan Voyager Base Platform

Swan Voyager Base Platform

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Packing List:

1 x Swan-K1 aircraft ,

1 x HEQ 3-axis 12 Mega pixels camera(4K)

1x set of quick detachable nylon propellers ,

1 x highlight display radio controller(8km image transmission),

1 x Carry case,

1 x 5500mAh 15.2V Lipo Battery,

1 x Power charger

1 x Aircraft User Manual and Disclaimer

Swan Voyager is the first aerial photography drone that applies 3-axis gimbal stabilization technology to ultra-small consumer-grade vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing drones. Swan Voyager supports 4K video recording, has 8km transmission range and 1 hourflight time. With the Voyager, users can create whatever they want and bid farewell to the limitations of short transmission range and battery anxiety. They can enter areas that are inaccessible or difficult for humans, explore unknown areas, enabling us to discover new perspectives and experiences.

The Voyager also features multi-drone networking capabilities, enabling users within a 20km range to share location and partial flight data, facilitating interactive coordinated flights such as follow-me, racing, and simple aerial competitions. The multi-drone networking function of Voyager promotes friendship, inspires creativity, and fosters mutual growth and progress.

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