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HEQUAV G-port Gimbal-for DJI O3 Camera /Caddx Camera Gyroscope Stabilizers

HEQUAV G-port Gimbal-for DJI O3 Camera /Caddx Camera Gyroscope Stabilizers

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Build Your Own Gimbal Camera

G-port is a 3-axis gimbal component developed by HEQ for FPV enthusiasts and fixed-wing drone hobbyists. G-port boasts high stability and supports both upright and inverted installations. It is compatible with DJI O3 Air Unit or CADDX camera, supports 3 inputs:mavlink, sbus, and pwm. It is adaptable to various flight platforms. This allows users to quickly assemble their personalized gimbal camera.

This gimbal cannot support DJI O3 Unit and Caddx camera at the same time. Please contact customer service to determine which model needs to be adapted before purchasing.

Other types camera need to contact the HEQ official to confirm

(The mavlink protocol is not yet open)

1.Detailed tutorials can be viewed on our HEQUAV Youtube channel: G-port playlist

HEQUAV Youtube channel Detailed Tutorials-G-Port Gimbal
Simple Assembly Introduction
 1. How to start the G-port gimbal assistant software
2. G-Port Calibration
3. G-Port Gimbal Channel and Modes Settings
4. G-Port Gimbal Camera Settings
5. G-Port Gimbal Firmware Upgrade
6. How to change coaxial cable
7. FPV Mode Introduction

2. Download the electronic manual and G-PORT Assistant parameter software on the Support  page,click"G-Port Gimbal Assistant+Manual"


Packing List:

G-Port gimbal component *1
G-Port cable *3
Bracket carbon plate *1
Shock absorbing ball *4
Matching screws *6
Certificate of compliance *1
Manual *1


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Warranty Time: 12 Months

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