What is QGC?

What is QGC?

QGC is an open source UAV operation App, which contains UAV parameter viewing/configuration, status display (airspeed, aircraft attitude, etc.), gimbal camera video display, route planning and other functions.

What is the difference between QGC and HEQ

  • For HEQ drones, it is a drone operation APP.
  • But QGC is universal. HEQ only supports our own drones. Any aircraft with PX4 flight control can use QGC, including HEQ drones.
  • QGC is for developers and enthusiasts. It opens up more parameter configurations for drones, so there will be a certain threshold to modify these parameters.
  • Most of the functions of HEQAPP are available in QGC, but HEQApp has simplified some parameters and functions that QGC has but ordinary users do not need to pay attention to. HEQApp has special function customization and route planning functions for our own gimbals such as G12, G640, etc. It only meets our existing products.


Which software is suitable for HEQ drones?

Generally speaking, HEQ supporting software is used for our standard aircraft, and QGC is recommended for PNP kits. If the people does not want our specially customized functions but needs the functions of QGC, we can recommend using QGC.

Route mission/Route planning/Automatic mission/Mission

Overview: Basically they all have the same meaning, but peoples express them differently. From the understanding of automatic tasks, it is to plan the flight route of the aircraft on the map in advance. After clicking Execute, the aircraft will automatically fly according to the planned flight route. In fact, it is flying from one coordinate point to another coordinate point. There may be waypoint actions during flight. The waypoint actions will have different actions according to the load type. Generally speaking, such as taking photos and videos, the premise is that the load must support it.


There are 3 types of route planning for our current vtol drones:

  1. Waypoint type

When planning a task, people need to plan point by point on the map. All the points are connected to a line.

 Waypoint mapping

  1. Area Mapping

When planning a mission, people will draw a polygonal area on the map. The polygonal area is divided by multiple lines. The lines are the predetermined trajectory of the flight. If you look closely, it is actually multiple waypoints forming a line, and the lines form a polygon. As far as our multi-spectral and mapping cameras are concerned, the waypoint action is to take a photo. When the photo is taken, the software will automatically calculate it and it is related to a series of parameters (not explained in detail yet). Generally, these two scenarios require the use of regional surveying and mapping.

Area Mapping


3.Flight Strip

During mission planning, operations and waypoint types are considered, but a "flight strip" will transform a single line of waypoints into multiple lin of waypoint actions and area mapping is essentially similar for flight strips.es. It can be understood as a line with width, resembling a strip. The calculation of waypoint actions and area mapping is essentially similar for flight strips.

Flight Strip

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