Unleash the Creative Sky, Build Your Exclusive Drone World

Unleash the Creative Sky, Build Your Exclusive Drone World

In recent years, drones have achieved significant breakthroughs and developments in the field of technology. Our latest product, the SWAN K1 PRO PNP, is specifically designed for drone DIY enthusiasts. This product not only offers tremendous creative freedom to players but also creates a realm of autonomous design, allowing creativity to soar freely in the blue sky.


Freedom of Creation, Craft Personalized Drones

The SWAN K1 PRO PNP provides an unprecedented platform for creative freedom to drone enthusiasts. Its high degree of DIY customization allows you to match various analog or digital video transmission, remote controllers and more, enabling the design of completely unique drones. Your unused modules can be fully utilized, breaking away from traditional constraints and showcasing personality and innovation.


Modular Design, Everything in Your Control

With its modular design, the SWAN K1 PRO PNP simplifies drone DIY. It offers an airframe version including flight controller, ESC, GPS, airspeed sensor, WIFI module, and more. Additionally, it provides accessories like arms, wings, and propellers. While meeting basic flight requirements, you can also add or modify components according to your needs. This design not only lowers the DIY threshold but also enhances your understanding of the functionality of each component during the DIY process.


Vertical Takeoff and Landing, Elevated Flight Experience

The SWAN K1 PRO PNP features not only vertical takeoff and landing capabilities but also an exceptionally versatile flight experience. Whether in rotary-wing mode or fixed-wing mode, precise control can be achieved through one-key return. The application of onboard GPS allows for pinpoint hovering in rotary-wing mode, resulting in more stable aerial photography and filming. With no restrictions on flight areas, your flying experience is boundless, enabling you to enjoy the thrill of flight anytime, anywhere.


Multi-Domain Applications, Realize Your Ambitions

The SWAN K1 PRO PNP is not merely a toy for flying; it's also can be a practical tool spanning multiple domains. From aerial photography during travels to surveying, powerline inspections, urban planning, energy projects, road construction, and mining surveys, the possibilities are vast. If you're unsure how to bring your ideas to life, you can contact us online for solutions.


The SWAN K1 PRO PNP is not just a drone product; it's a platform for unleashing creativity and innovation. Its highly customizable DIY design provides drone enthusiasts the opportunity to craft their personalized aircraft, liberating creativity from constraints. Whether you're a flying technology expert or a creative inventor, the SWAN K1 PRO PNP will become your indispensable creative partner. Let's together push the limits of drones, using creativity and technology to create unique aerial art!



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