Swan Voyager/Swan EN Common Exceptions and Solutions

Swan Voyager/Swan EN Common Exceptions and Solutions

(HEQ VTOL Drone Q&A Episode 1)


  1. The remote control is connected but the app "HEQFLY" shows that it is not connected.

① Restart the aircraft and remote control and re-enter the app

② Check the data transmission method through Siyi Assistant, try to modify the communication method, try both UART and UDP to see if they can connect, exit the app and re-enter after each modification;

③ Change the communication mode to Bluetooth through Siyi Assistant, open QGC to establish a Bluetooth connection (with operation video), and confirm whether the data is normal and continuous. If there is no data or it is easy to disconnect, it is basically determined that there is a problem with the flight control. Please contact the after-sales email for processing. :support@hequavtech.com.


  1. The remote control is connected, HEQFly data transmission is normal, but there is no video

①Confirm whether the camera starts the firmware in 80 seconds (the 80S startup firmware requires you to wait 80 seconds after powering on before the picture is produced), so if the picture is still not produced after waiting for 80 seconds, confirm that the camera is abnormal.

②Power on the aircraft again and confirm whether there are three beeps after powering on. The 80-second firmware requires three beeps after 80 seconds. If not, the camera will start abnormally. If you still confirm that the camera cannot start after restarting several times, please contact the after-sales email: support@hequavtech.com.

③There will be three beeps when the aircraft is powered on. Turn the Ethernet switch on the remote control back on and restart the app.

④If the above cannot be solved, please contact the after-sales email: support@hequavtech.com.


  1. The SD card has been inserted and the preview has been generated, but the photo and videoshows that the SD card is not detected and the photo and video cannot be taken.

① Confirm the SD card information. It is recommended that the capacity should not be larger than 64G and be a U3 high-speed card. If the information does not meet the information, the customer is recommended to replace the SD card.

② If there is no problem with the card, try powering it off several times. If the SD card cannot be detected multiple times, it is basically confirmed that the SD card extension cable is loose and needs to be disassembled. Please contact the after-sales email: support@hequavtech.com.

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