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Swan-K1 PRO with DJI&Caddx Air Unit

Swan-K1 PRO with DJI&Caddx Air Unit

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Package Included:

1x Swan-K1 pro aircraft ;

1x set of quick detachable nylon propellers ;

1x Radio controller(with HD touch screen);

1x Carry case;

1x 5500mAh 15.2V Lipo Battery;

1x Power charger;

1x Swan-K1 pro head counterweight;

1x DJI&Caddx Air Unit;

1x Aircraft User Manual and Disclaimer;

What fascinates you? It's the unparalleled enjoyment that innovation brings to people.A VTOL UAV you’ve never imagined.Swan-K1 PRO is a unique fixed-wing UAV that performs vertical take-offs and landings. By breaking the traditional fixed-wing requirement for runway takeoff, the fixed-wing UAV can be operated easier with much less restrictions. Discarding the traditional rudder design concept, SWAN-K1 is one of the firsts to adopt a rudderless control technology to bring you a minimalist control experience.It allows you to experience the joy of flying anytime, anywhere.
The act of controlling Swan K1pro is a source of pleasure, immersing individuals in the pursuit of challenges and skills. The joy of uav lies in the infinite exploration and surprises they bring, forging a closer connection between us and the world.

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